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11) Santa Anna- A Mexican soldier who took part in the Texas revolution, and
he was appointed governor of Veracruz. He was known as The Victor of Tampico
and The Savior of the Fatherland, for his military victories. He then
retired, but came out of retirement when he felt that it was necessary for
someone to step up and help out after Vicente Guerrero was assassinated. He
was then elected president, but still played a large part in leading armies.
He was the Mexican general who led the troops for the Battle of the Alamo
and won but he was then defeated at the Battle of San Jacinto. He was then
captured by the Texans and forced to recognize Texas's independence and he
was then removed from power by the new government.

22) Battle of Vera Cruz- Vera Cruz was a Mexican port city that was
important trade port and was also useful for the military. During the
Mexican-American War, Vera Cruz was attacked and occupied by American forces
led by General Winfield Scott in 1847. This was an important victory for the
United States because it was a hard blow to one of Mexico's most important
port cities.

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