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Hey, this is Patrick. I'm 5 min over due on these, so here. I will post the actual ID in a couple min, but I am just testing how to do this right now. ^_^

15) Manifest Destiny- Subsequent to the war of 1812, an era of Good Feelings had begun. During this era, a huge upsurge of Nationalism was prevalent among the American public. This Nationalism forced an idea known as Manifest Destiny. Although this idea had been expressed by leaders like William Henry Harrison, President Monroe is given most of the credit for expressing this idea through the Monroe Doctrine. In short, Manifest Destiny is the belief that a country, like America, should not be hindered in its expansion from "sea to shining sea." This is one of the main reasons for going to war with Mexico and for attacking Canada in the years prior.

24) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- After many humiliating losses to the Americans, the Mexicans were run ragged, and after there loss in Mexico City to General Winfield Scott, their backs were against the wall. So, in 1848, Scott and Nicholas Trist "bribed" Santa Anna into signing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This treaty was momentous in that its terms were unheard of. It called for the cession of a HUGE expanse of land which included Texas and stretched all the way to California. Basically, that was half of Mexico at the time. Although this treaty was very costly to the Americans costing over $18 million; $15 million for the land, $3.25 million to assume the claims of that land's citizens against Mexico, and an underhanded $10,000 to bribe Santa Anna to sign the treaty. All in all, this was the largest land gain for the Americans in US history and finally they had stratch from sea to shining sea.

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