Adam (insidewalkinout) wrote in cgi_sophomores,

ID 9

Well here it is, my other ID. Have fun with le Alamo.

9) The Alamo:
Conflict began when tension rose concerning emancipation between Texans and Mexicans. Just as soon as Texas declared its independency, Santa Anna swept through Texas at the head of about six thousand men, trapping a band of nearly two hundred Texans at the Alamo in San Antonio. The battle was fierce, the Texans refusing to give up peacefully. After a thirteen day siege, Santa Anna and his force had wiped out the band to a man. Included in this slaughter was American hero Davy Crockett, whose body was found surrounded by enemy corpses. Although the Texans lost, they dealt an amazing amount of damage to the Mexican force, especially considering the odds. This loss sent cries of vengeance through the United States, adding to the tension and cause for war.
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