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So we still have some missing. I'm sorry that I haven't posted me second one. I really have no excuse. I am doing it right now, but so you guys have these. Thank you Rachel for sending us this one, even though you decided not to be in the group. Thanks for being the bigger person. So Sarah, thanks anyway, but this was a bit more informative.

6. Missions & Presidios-
    Frontier system of beliefs and practices used by the Spanish to convert Indians to Roman Catholics. The missions were created to exploit Native Americans, teaching them religious values and training. They would exploit Native Americans to be on their side, while often oppressing them.
    Presidios were military forts that were set up along the California coast. They were often located near the busiest ports, where they could defend against foreign attack. They were placed in available fresh water areas. The Presidios were sually nearbt Missions, so that if there was an Native American revolt, Spanish soldiers from close presidios could help their fellow Spanish.
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