Bens-Jamin Auerbach (soldiersinarow) wrote in cgi_sophomores,
Bens-Jamin Auerbach

Here's my last one. It's not as long as mine usually are. Hmmpf.

After General Zachary's miraculous victory in Buena Vista, the U.S. decided to deal Mexico its devistating blow and hit Mexic City. The command of the main army was given to General Winfield Scott. He was known for his strict dicipline and for being a war hero from the war of 1812. He was severely handicapped in the Mexican Campaign by inadequate number of troops, by expiring enlistments, by a more numerous enemy, by mountainous terrain, by disease, and by political backbitting at home. Yet he succeeded in battling his way up to Mexico City by September 1847, in one of his most briliant campaigns in American millitary annals. He proved to be the most distinguished General produced by his country between 1783 and 1861. His victory subsiquentially resulted in the Treay of Guadeluppe Hidalgo.

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